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Why You Should Make a Will Greenwich?

Usually, a Will is a legal document where you dictate what you would wish to happen to your assets, including property, money, possessions, investments, and children, in case you die.

If you live in Wales and you pass away without having a valid legal bestowal, the government will have the authority over the distribution of your assets. Also, other people will be free to make decisions, to their benefit, on who to take care and educate your children under the age of 18 years.

Your essential must do's - When Making A Will!

Making a Will Greenwich is also essential as it can assist in preventing circumstances such as disputes over the inheritance. It is a typical situation where individual take their blood brothers or sisters, or even their remaining parent to court to inherit particular assets or investments.

To prevent such incidences; therefore, you should write a legacy and bestow your possessions to your children according to your wish and desire.

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What to Consider, When Writing a Will Greenwich


Writing a professional Will Greenwich is significant, but you should decide cautiously on the person to take care of your Estate after you pass away.

Choosing an excellent executor will assure you that your wishes and bestowing will be executed according to your desire and will.


Before writing a Will, you should consider the value of the properties you own, including savings, cars, and furniture.

Also, acknowledge your homes, business entities or even property abroad, and the legacy should outline the individual to receive them after you are gone.

Trust and Trustees

Most people are not aware of the responsibilities of trustees, and they often ignore to appoint them when writing the Will: they are individuals you trust to look after your property for the benefit of your family members, including children below 18 years.


The reason behind writing a Will is to ensure that your loved ones inherit your possessions you worked hard to obtain. You should determine carefully on how your property will be divided and who should inherit what.

The beneficiaries may include your children; wife or wives; close relatives, such as aunts, uncles, and grandchildren; friends or co-workers or any other person you may wish.


Usually, if you have young kids, you should choose the person who is to take care of them until they attain the adult age, for most states is 18 years.

Therefore, it is reassuring to understand that you have the right to appoint an official guardian of your choice for your children in the Will.

Your Letter of Wishes

An Expression of Wishes, also known as the Letter of Wishes is a document you write when making a Will, and it is given to the executor, the trustee, or kept together with your inheritance document for secure storage.

The letter remains as a private record of wishes while a Will is a public document if the bestowing process requires a court probate hearing.

Other things you should consider when writing a Will includes; gifts or donation to charity, whether specific, residual or financial contributions; funeral wishes; and your pets.

Range of services available Greenwich

A Single Will

A Single Will is an Online Will writing which is for any person, who want to bequeath his or her possessions, for himself only. The specialists in our law firm help you to make the legacy by guiding you on the simple steps; therefore, making the process quick. Also, we assign you with an adviser who will discuss your wishes and help you to establish a document that is right for you and your situations.

All our professional Will writers are members of the Society of Will Writers, and they ensure that your document is drawn up uniquely.

To make a Single Will; however, you need to be above 18 years of age and of right mind for the arrangement to be legally binding. Typically, you can also write the inheritance if you are married; including civil partnership; widowed; cohabiting; divorced or separated.

If you and your partner in a marriage want to write a Bequest but have different desires and wishes, then two Single Wills are suitable than the Joint Will. Most people may not be able to follow the instruction or filling the forms in the writing process; hence, booking a telephone appointment with our Will writers is more convenient.

The Process of Writing a Single Will

By clicking on ‘start your Will’ icon on our web page, you will be redirected to our secure Will writing service questionnaire. It is a free-trial process, and you can opt out to take a break, and sign in later to resume on your saved information.

Usually, we use straightforward questions, but if you do not have the answers right away, you can sign out and fill the data later.

Also, if you need assistance when making a Single Will, our customer care desk or the Live Chart team will be available to answer all the questions you might be having.

After you finish writing the Single Will and you submit the document, it is at this point we will charge you, and you can download the form for signing.

Mirror Wills

The Mirror Will is excellent for couple or individuals closely related, and the persons have similar wishes and desires on how and what to include in the document. In the writing process, our professional Will writers will e-mail to update you on any adjustment which has been made.

The benefits of the Mirror Wills are that it is less expensive to make than in separate Single Wills and it takes care of significant issues in the family, including the beneficiaries of the inheritance and the executors.

Tenant in Common

Most couples own homes as Joint Tenants; hence, have the freedom of retaining the house together and of protecting and taking care of the house as partners. Therefore, if one of the partners passes away, the property falls under the ownership of the remaining party according to the Joint Tenant Agreement.

However, a Tenant in Common is flexible and allows the individuals to share the property; for instance, 50% ownership or any other percentage they may agree. Here, the partner has the right to bestow the home to another person, whoever they wish, other than the Joint Tenant.

Changing Property Ownership

If you are in a mutual tenancy, and you wish your children to inherit the home instead of your partner, we can assist you to adjust the ownership in the Tenant in Common. The Will writers will prepare all the documentation necessary for you to sign, and if the need arise, deal with the Land Registry authorities.

Lasting Power of Attorney

The Lasting Power of Attorney is a document that enables you to appoint one or more individuals; for instance, your close relatives, to make decisions on your behalf due to situations such as old age, accident or illness. The attorney will take care of all your matters, including properties, finances, and your health; hence, you will have the peace of mind when you are assured that all the things that matter most are in proper guardianship.

Yes, it is essential to have a written Will. For instance, if you are a resident of England and you die without having a document that specifies the distribution of your assets, your possessions will be under the authority of the government which will dictate who to inherit what. Importantly, the state may also decide to fund other projects such as crowns instead of distributing your estates to your children.

When making a will, you need to submit details, including your full names and addresses, titles of the executors, the location and a complete description of all the assets, and the particulars of the minor children before your death.

It is advisable to choose a trustworthy person, and it is wise to appoint more than one person, especially in high valued estates.

After writing your Will, it is worthwhile to review it once or twice after every five years, to make the adjustments; for example, the number of the grandchildren have changed, or the value of your assets has declined on increased.

To ensure that the persons benefit from the inheritance, you should consider establishing a Trust so that they can receive the revenue regularly rather than a lump-sum.

Your Will remains valid until you get married, marrying invalidates your previous legacy, and you should make another immediately, or your possessions will be subject to intestacy policies.

No, making a Will is flexible, and you can make it individually, or you can request the assistance of a professional Will writer.

According to the UK’s statutes, when a person signs a Will, there have to be two independent adults, above 18 years old, to witness the event for it to be valid and enforceable in a court of law.

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